Troy Anderson - Cherokee

"Troy Anderson is a Native American artist of Cherokee ancestry who currently resides in Siloam Springs, Arkansas. He graduated from West Texas State University with a B.A. in Art and taught art to high school students before becoming a professional artist. He has won the Grand Award and first place at the Five Tribes Museum, Cherokee National Historical Museum, The Heard Museum and The Southwest Indian Market in Santa Fe. He is both an author and illustrator and his original artwork is exhibited in galleries and museums throughout North America and Europe." - Troy Anderson

#2101 - Badges of Honor
"From youth to a warrior,
A warrior dreams for bravery, victory,
Vision, and a pure heart, A warrior dreams badges of honor,A warrior dreams."

-Troy Anderson, Cherokee

#2102 - Hummingbird Maiden
"Little Hummingbird with delicate wings,
Little Hummingbird with colorful feathers,
you bring beauty to this world."

#2103 - Omen of Truth
"The gray quails were bunched together, Coyote ran to
look upon them. The blue quails were bunched together,
Coyote looked sidewise at them."

-Quail Song, Pima

#2104 - Daughter of the Sun
"Straight is my path, Straight is my mind,
Straight is my heart, Straight is my speech."

-Native American Song

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